BOLON design flooring and North American brand partner to Matter SurfacesBOLON design flooring and North American brand partner to Matter Surfaces


BOLON is the ultimate expression of design flooring. First and foremost a design company, BOLON manufactures flooring for the contract market. Each BOLON product is woven in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

BOLON is a third generation family-owned and operated company and that sees themselves as "Innovators at heart" - never standing still with a strong drive to stretch boundaries.

The Art of Performance


Bolon flooring provides you with beautiful and functional design possibilities to use in your interior project. With a broad palette of shapes, colors, and expressions, only your imagination sets the limitations. Our collections are designed, developed, and produced in Ulricehamn, Sweden, always based on the characteristic Bolon-yarn and the unique woven structure. So, let your imagination free and create floorings that makes your interior project stand out and last.


We integrate sustainability in every step, from design, production to recycling. All our products are produced using renewable energy and recycled material.

At our onsite recycling plant, we transform production waste into backing layers of our flooring. In fact, we recycle not only our own waste but also the production waste of other companies. This enables us to produce design flooring with less use of virgin materials. And of course, all our floorings are free from hazardous plasticizers and stabilizers. For information about our products’ environmental impacts we have independently verified EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations), providing transparency and comparable information.


Bolon floorings are easy to clean and maintain. At ninety-nine times out of a hundred, cleaning can be performed with a vacuum cleaner, machine, brush, mop, or water. All floorings are impervious and resilient enough for almost any spill or mess. The compact weave also means that there are no places in which dirt and debris can hide. Our ambition is that our floorings will create a great first impression – the second, third, or even the hundredth time.


Our resilient floorings will not wear, flatten, or dull. They are designed and produced to last, making them perfect for high-intensity, commercial environments. The solid backing layer and the compact weave makes them impervious to liquids, which further improves the performance qualities. We believe that great design is design that lasts.

Ideal Markets


Put BOLON to work. From conference rooms, to common areas, and offices BOLON excels in high traffic areas that need to retain their beauty day after day.


You'll find BOLON in hundreds of hotels across the country and around the world in guest rooms, cooridors, and fitness rooms.


BOLON is ideal for high traffic cooridors and common areas in multi-family buildings of all types. The combination of low maintenance cleanability and high-end aesthetic elevates any building people want to call home.

Material Composition

  1. Weave Layer - Tightly woven phthalate-free vinyl warp and weft yarns.
  2. Upper Backing - Creates a water-proof and fire retardant barrier.
  3. Stability Layer - Fiber glass layer for dimensional stability.
  4. Bottom Backing - Contains recycled material.
  5. Acoustic Felt Backing (optional, not shown) - Recycled felted backing layer can be added for additional sound absorption and comfort underfoot.


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Comparison Chart

  Our Product Carpet LVT & Rubber
Appearance retention over time x   x
Life expectancy 15+ years x   x
Textile appearance x x  
Ease of maintenance x    
Resistance to staining x   x
Drying time x   x
Comfort underfoot x x  
Sound absorption x x x
Sound reduction x x  
Slip resistance x x x
Impervious material x   x
Antistatic x   x
Hypoallergenic x   x
Ease of rolling loads x   x
Resistance to microbial growth x   x
Warmth underfoot x x  

Easy to clean. Easy to maintain.

One of BOLON’s key benefits is its ease in cleaning and maintaining. The vast majority of cleaning tasks can be accomplished with a vacuum cleaner and scrubbing brush.

Eco-friendly Cleaning
During a Bolon flooring’s long product lifecycle, 99% of the cleaning can be accomplished with only clean water.

Bolon flooring is impervious to liquids and have no exposed fibres where dust, dirt or debris can hide. The result is flooring with less risk for mold spores to thrive, contributing to better indoor air quality.

Cleaning Methods
We recommend vacuum cleaning for daily maintenance and mechanical cleaning (roller brush or orbot method) at the frequency required by the specific environment. Smaller areas can be cleaned manually with micro fibre cloth and scrubbing brush.

Restoring to "zero"
A badly maintained flooring, or a flooring that has become extremely dirty can in most cases be
restored to an almost new condition.

BOLON can be disinfected with a 10:1 water and bleach mixture. If so, make sure to rinse away all chemicals to avoid any damage to the floor.