Multi-family properties have specific architectural surface and flooring needs -- from sound management and aesthetic appeal in residential units to durability, safety and ease of maintenance in shared spaces. Matter Surfaces has an expansive portfolio of products to meet the demands of any multi-family space.

Keys to multi-family design success

Acoustic Performance

Proper acoustic planning in multifamily environments is crucial to ensuring comfort and minimizing sound transfer between rooms and floors. More importantly, flooring solutions with a 60+ level IIC rating, built-in acoustic backing, and acoustic underlayments enhance tenant satisfaction - lowering turn-over.


Tenants can be hard on their spaces and demand flooring solutions that maintain their beauty in spite of daily living.  Multi-family environments require products that are scratch, indentation, and stain resistant for areas with heavy furniture, pets, and children. Kitchen and bath spaces need water-resistant for when spills and splashes happen.

Simple Installation

Unit renovations and repairs are costly. Loose-lay and clic installation plank and tile floorcoverings that are simple to install and replace when damage occurs, minimizing unit downtime and inconvenience to building occupants.

Multi-family design

The offering of spaces in multifamily is wide reaching- from living areas and fitness facilities to co-working spaces and community lounges.  Matter Surfaces’ portfolio includes:

  • Authentic looking hardwoods and stones with all the benefits of resilient surfaces to produce warm and inviting residential spaces
  • Woven flooring for a high-end textile look for interiors and exteriors
  • Logo mats and runners to further a community brand tenants can be proud to be a part of
  • Customizable floorcoverings to create a luxurious and on-brand environment

Parador Modular ONE our featured multi-family solution

Parador Modular ONE is Super Natural for multi-family

Parador Modular ONE elevates any living space with all of the warm of hardwood flooring with all of the durability of resilient - we call it Super Natural

Application Areas:

  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms