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Renewal is beauty. Resilience is impact. BOLON.Renewal is beauty. Resilience is impact. BOLON.

BOLON Stays True to their Sustainable Roots

Eco-consciousness with a Focus on Indoor Wellness and Durability  

BOLON promises to stay true to their sustainable roots
, while continuing to improve upon their processes and production. At Matter Surfaces, we promise to insist on the highest quality and standard for sustainable practices, and that includes the partners we choose to work with. When you choose a BOLON product, you can be confident that your floors have been meticulously crafted, from design to delivery, in accordance with the utmost commitment to responsible stewardship. 

As an exclusive North American partner, Matter Surfaces is excited to carry BOLON’s innovative flooring collections that lead the industry in both sustainability and design. BOLON is revolutionizing the flooring industry with their commitment to sustainability, offering products that combine exceptional design with eco-consciousness. With a focus on indoor wellness and durability, BOLON flooring is designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of any space while minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainable Flooring Solutions

Matter Surfaces is proud to consider BOLON a trusted partner in sustainable flooring solutions. BOLON is dedicated to delivering innovative and eco-friendly flooring collections that consistently redefine the industry. With a sustainability story as old as the company itself, BOLON regularly sets new goals that exceed previous standards. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their products, from sourcing materials to the manufacturing process.

Pursuit of Sustainability

At Matter Surfaces, we carefully choose partners that align with our stated values and work continuously to go beyond the bare minimum in all areas of business. That’s why we can confidently say that BOLON shares Matter Surfaces' vision for a cleaner, greener future. As a brand, BOLON goes above and beyond to pursue sustainability and push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable flooring. Their dedication to minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible practices clearly sets them apart in the industry.


BOLON, North American brand partner of Matter Surfaces, stays true to their sustainable roots, evidenced throughout their flooring best practices.BOLON, North American brand partner of Matter Surfaces, stays true to their sustainable roots, evidenced throughout their flooring best practices.

Commitment to Quality

As an organization, we believe in providing our customers with products that not only meet but exceed expectations. BOLON shares this commitment to quality, ensuring that their flooring solutions not only have a minimal impact on the environment but also provide exceptional performance and durability. With BOLON, you can expect flooring that meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Importance of Healthy Interiors

Creating healthy indoor spaces is crucial for the well-being of everyone who steps into them. BOLON's flooring solutions offer numerous benefits for achieving clean air in your indoor spaces. With a strong commitment to promoting healthy interiors, BOLON goes beyond traditional flooring options to enhance indoor air quality. Here are some key points highlighting the clean indoor air benefits of BOLON:

BOLON flooring is designed and manufactured with a focus on reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. VOCs can contribute to poor indoor air quality and cause respiratory discomfort. BOLON's low-emission flooring helps create a healthier environment by minimizing the release of harmful substances into the air.

BOLON’s commitment to clean indoor air is reinforced by certifications from recognized organizations that evaluate and verify indoor air quality standards. These certifications assure customers that BOLON flooring has undergone rigorous testing to meet or exceed the highest benchmarks for indoor air quality. Recommended by The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF), BOLON flooring also contributes to reducing allergens in indoor environments, helping to create an allergy-friendly space.

Production Practices

Sustainability doesn’t begin and end with materials. At BOLON, their process reflects their dedication to sustainability throughout production. They employ responsible manufacturing processes, utilizing advanced technologies to minimize waste and energy consumption. BOLON places great emphasis on reducing their environmental footprint throughout the entire production cycle, from energy efficiency to waste reduction and recycling. 

A Promise for Trustworthy Production 

Certification Standards

BOLON maintains a strong commitment to meeting rigorous certification standards. Their flooring solutions are certified by recognized industry organizations that validate their sustainable practices. By adhering to these certification standards, BOLON ensures that their products have undergone thorough scrutiny and have met the highest benchmarks of sustainability.

Ethical Sourcing & Standards

As an organization, BOLON strongly prioritizes responsible material sourcing, carefully selecting suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability. They strive to use materials that are eco-friendly, renewable, and have minimal impact on the environment. By choosing sustainable raw materials, BOLON minimizes their ecological footprint and promotes the preservation of natural resources. 

BOLON also maintains these high ethical standards throughout their production practices. They adhere to strict labor and workplace safety regulations, ensuring fair treatment of workers and promoting a safe and healthy working environment. BOLON also collaborates with suppliers who share their commitment to ethical practices, fostering responsible and sustainable production throughout their supply chain.

Ownership and Accountability

Ownership and accountability are a fundamental part of long term sustainability, and that is a truth that BOLON takes seriously. In the event that any materials used in their product lines are found to originate from illegal or controversial sources, BOLON is committed to taking immediate action to rectify the situation. They maintain transparency and actively seek to improve their sourcing practices.

The Promise of Excellence

When you choose BOLON, you can expect nothing less than excellence. Their various product lines not only meet the highest standards of sustainability but also offer exceptional design and performance. BOLON's commitment to excellence ensures that their products enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your spaces while leaving a positive impact on the environment.