Wide Plank by Parador Modular ONE

Wide Plank

Wide Plank by Parador Modular ONE enhance any living space with its super natural combination of real wood warmth and resilient flooring durability.


Wide Plank come in an array of colorways to complement any interior.

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  • Top Layer - Patented embossed abrasion resistant polypropylene layer for easy to maintain floors.
  • Core Board - Natural and recycled raw materials with wax resin binder for water resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Insulation Layer - Natural cork for sound absorption, heat retention, and comfort underfoot. 

Carefree maintenance.

Routine Care

  • Dust mop, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove loose dust, dirt or grit. This is the single most important maintenance activity for preserving the appearance and performance of your floor.
  • Immediately wipe up liquids resting on the floor, and only wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Damp mop as needed to remove dirty streaks using a water-soluble, pH neutral, rinse-free, biodegradable cleaning solution (ex. Bona Hard Surface Floor Cleaner, Zep Neutral pH Floor Cleaner, etc.). Wring mop/cloth out well and avoid puddles of standing water, which can cause streaking on any floor surface.

Note: Do not use acetone, strong alkaline cleaning agents, scouring powder, strong solvents, gylcerine, abrasives/abrasive cleaning pads, or steam cleaners as these can potentially damage
your flooring.

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