Samples to Saplings

Samples to Saplings

Planting the Seeds of Sustainability

We believe in making a tangible impact on people and the planet.
That’s why we’ve introduced our Samples to Saplings program,
which plants a tree for every material sample ordered.

Every sample will result in a real tree that will make a real difference. 

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 Trees Planted
Samples to sapling CO2 foot print, cloud
 Tons of
CO2 Absorbed
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 Hours of
Work for Local Communities
Samples to saplings countries where we plant trees
 Countries Where Trees Have Been Planted

Samples to Saplings offsets the carbon footprint of our sampling activities in a tangible way, while supporting farming communities around the globe. Let’s renew the world together!

Samples-to-Saplings launched with planting 1,000 trees. Over this brief time, we've exceeded ten times the number of trees planted and offset our carbon footprint by over 1,500 tons of CO2.

Tree planting helps protect and restore forests by involving local farmers promoting farming job growth and increasing sustainable agriculture practices. It also enhances rural livelihoods within these farmers' communities where it is desperately needed around the globe. Let's renew the world together!

To learn more about our commitment to renewed environments for people and planet, read our Commitment to Renewal.

Renewal & Sustainability at Matter Surfaces

Learn more about Matter Surfaces' commitment to sustainability through the implementation of impactful solutions within commercial flooring, and by building strong brand partnerships and renewable programs, such as our Samples to Saplings initiative.

Improving and refining continued partnerships, programs, and products will help support our renewal and sustainbability goals. Being resilient is what drives us in these efforts. The impact is the positve changes these inititavies bring to communities locally and around the world.